Hafez (1325 – 1389): From Ghazal No. 119

The owner of a heart,
seeing through the veils, sensing the out of sight,
is never to mind the strings and rings so easily lost!

Dearest! Keep and guard, your precious heart–
out of the reach of shams, and the wortless frauds!
Reserve such treasure, rare and sought-after,
for the noble souls and their regal care!

Not all the trees,
noted to standout for their shade and height,
are up to survive the bitter winter, its feeble sunlight!
For this feat, My Friend, it is the cedar meriting the trust!

Translation: Maryam Dilmaghani, June 2012, Halifax

PS. The image by M. Rassouli


In Persian:

دلی که غیب‌نمای است و جامِ‌جم دارد
زِ خاتمی که دمی گُم شود چه غم دارد؟

به خط و خال گدایان مده خزینه دل!
به دست شاه‌وَشی ده که مُحترم دارد

نَه هر درخت تحمل کند جفای خزان
غلام همت سروَم که این قدم دارد


Google Translates:

Daly is the city of Tehran has Ghybnmay
How sad is that Khatami has lost the tail?

Beggars line and seek not to spot miandar heart!
The gentleman who has tens Shahvshy

The tree does not tolerate injustice to fall
Ghulam Srvm ambition is that this step


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