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Quantum Physics

God Is Not Dead – Amit Goswami

“God Is Not Dead” is a fascinating guided tour of quantum physics, consciousness, and the existence and experience of God. University of Oregon physics professor Amit Goswami shows readers that God’s existence can be found in clues that the science of quantum physics reveals.

Goswami helps readers to break through their “materialistic conditioning,” viewing reality as defined by Newtonian physics, to become free through a quantum understanding and experience of consciousness and God. In fact, “God Is Not Dead” argues for a “quantum activism,” leading a balanced life that incorporates both the quantum and material worlds–and an experience of consciousness.

“God Is Not Dead” will change how readers think–and experience–the nature of reality, the existence of souls, the power of dreams, the universality of love, the possibility of ESP, and the very mind of God.

Max Tegmark Consciousness as a State of Matter FQXi conference 2014 in Vieques

The past century in physics seems to lead in a surprising direction: away from physics as a description of objects and their interactions, and towards physics as a description of the evolution of information. Is this the correct way to think about physics and the physical world? What is information? What does the term “information” even mean? What role does information play in quantum gravity, cosmology, thermodynamics, life and consciousness, and what links does it provide between these areas?

The Black Hole War

Black Holes’ are one of the most elusive universal monsters of the great Galactic skies. Recently scientists are popularising the idea of what Black Holes may be and what we knew is completely wrong. Physicist Mitra from India and Dr. Daniele Pranzetti joins the new Black Hole War making their new claims. >> Find out more

Time does not exist. It never did and it never will.

Everything exists in the present moment and it’s a fundamental principle of the Universe that many of our scientists are still trying to grasp. Time does not actually exist and Quantum Theory proves it. There are things that are closer to you in time, and things that are further away, just as there are things that are near or far away in space. But the idea that time flows past you is just as absurd as the suggestion that space does. Find out more

Quantum Batteries Could Become a Technological Sensation

How Quantum Batteries Could Become a Technological Sensation:

Quantum in the buzzword in today’s electronics market. As

scientists decipher the secrets of the universe’s building block as well as uncover the laws that govern them, we’ve been able to predict and create some

stunning pieces of equipment. Today, we look at batteries that never die.

That’s right, the idea of needing to charge your battery may be a thing of the

past. To clarify, this isn’t endless or free energy, so thermodynamics is still a pesky annoyance.

For more on this awesome battery concepts, see:

The end of the world IS NOT nigh

DIDN’T get tickets to the Champions League Final? Not looking forward to work on Monday? No matter.

According to multi-millionaire evangelist Harold Camping, 89, it’s Judgement Day today so there’s no point worrying.

Despite his previous failed prediction that the world would end in 1994, his latest forecast – emblazoned on billboards throughout the US and elsewhere abroad – has spread fear and uncertainty.

But we can all relax, says Sun Professor Brian Cox, because the world isn’t going to end any time soon.