Do not disturb, the Poet is working!

“Poets utter great and wise things which they do not themselves understand”.

I thought, in relation to the discussion of the previous poet (Rumi poem), the quote and the links may be interesting.
Here is an anecdote affirming Plato’s opinion: The French poet Saint-Pol-Roux (in the picture), had a notice posted on the door of his bedroom every evening before he went to sleep, which read:
Do not disturb: THE POET IS WORKING!



About the Plato quote, I would say that if the quote in interpreted as meaning:
“Poets utter great and wise things which they do not themselves understand (as accurately/generally as some others, such as Plato himself, can understand/interpret/generalise)”.

Then the quote is usually true to me; but not always:

I think, when writing poetry is the faithful and accurate depiction/expression of a Subjective Truth (the poetry is: the poet’s emotions as she/he perceives them in a communicable way) then some readers may be able to read more into the poem/art then the author.

For instance, they may be able to project their own intellectual sophistication into the poem’s interpretation and/or to generalise the statements made by the poem and to extract ‘the objective’ from ‘the subjective’ image created by the poet.


Also this article may be interesting to some (related to the previous post’s discussions). It discusses the importance of intuition in poetry(all non routine activities), in light of contemporary behavioural sciences:


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