Sir would you like to buy my Flowers - Photo and story Gmb Akash - I could'nt hold my tears and cried for no reason uncontrollably - a powerful story.


My mother flew with me when my father wanted to make me disable, after my birth, so that he can use me, for begging. I do not know, what my mother actually does; she sleeps whole day and works at night when I sleep. We live in a street, our neighbors and police call me ‘whore’s daughter’, mom told me not to reply them, as bad people always talk bad. I am a flower seller, I sell flowers, I do not beg.

But people have no time to look at flowers. I pop into the window of big cars and see beautiful children, with their parents. Sometimes I wonder, didn’t their dad want to sell their organs or want to make them disable for begging! One day a rich mom buy all my flowers for her girl, but when the girl wanted to give me money, she said not to touch me, I might have a disease. The baby girl threw the money in the air and I caught. The day made me best flower seller among all’ – Lutfa

Photo and story 

Gmb Akash

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