Need to read read the wonderful book entitled “Glimpses of Old Dhaka” by S. M. Taifoor. Lots of information on Muslim rulers and settlers of South Asia. Historical trivia provided such information as the truth behind the Nawab Sirajjuddoula shoe legend. It wasn’t the nawab but his grieving mother, who rushed out shoeless to catch a final glimpse of the beheaded nawab whose slain body was thrown on an elephant and paraded in the streets. Also, two assassination attempts by Hindu activists were made on Nawab Salimullah and his entourage which included my maternal great grandfather, Khalil Sabir of the zemindar family of Pyraband, Rangpur, on a visit to Comilla. They were invited by the nawab there to attend a conference. This book definitely needs to be republished so that younger generations can read it.

If anyone has copy please let me borrow it or let me know where I can find this book. As I am interested in the evolution of what is known as modern Dhaka.


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