Hafez (1325 – 1389): From Ghazal No. 20

But haven’t you heard, I will never give up–
my roving for love, the folly in my heart?
The constable knows best,
I will never repent!

More than once or twice,
I had to advise my rueful folks–
repenting of love is the greater vice!
What can be the prize for such a high price?
And, being sane and sound, I’ll surely abide–
by my own advice!


The grains of pearl falling off my eyes!
With loads of ruby, weighty is my heart!
Why shall I plead for the grace and wealth–
descending on Earth from the Heavens?

Owning such riches,
in dearth or not, always,
I will never turn to the wicked fate–
accustomed to reward ignobility and feint!

Translation: Maryam Dilmaghani, April 2012, Halifax

PS. The picture by M. Rassouli


In Persian:

من نه آن رندم که ترک شاهد و ساغر کنم
محتسب داند که من این کارها کمتر کنم

من که عیب توبه کاران کرده باشم بارها
توبه از می وقت گل دیوانه باشم گر کنم

من که از یاقوت و لعل اشک دارم گنج‌ها
کی نظر در فیض خورشید بلنداختر کنم

من که دارم در گدایی گنج سلطانی به دست
کی طمع در گردش گردون دون پرور کنم


Google Translates:

It was not random and that I left my cup
I do not know Mhtsb less

I could be your turn again Karan
I’m crazy if I repent of the time

I have tears of ruby and jade treasures
I am in Grace Sun Blndakhtr

I beg that I treasure in the Sultanate
Don Gordon, who in turn attuned to greed

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