Facebook, like most social media platforms, is always changing. A lot of changes have been promoted and magnified, but there are plenty of featuresthat have missed the limelight.There are a lot of well-known Facebook features that are beneficial to your marketing campaign. But there a few others,in particular, that can help you focus in on target audiences quickly, gain engagement and attract new business opportunities.

Facebook-Business-PageFacebook, like most social media

platforms, is always changing. A lot of changes have been promoted and magnified, but there are plenty of features that have missed the limelight.


are a lot of well-known Facebook features that are beneficial to your marketing campaign. But there a few others, in particular, that can help you focus in on

target audiences quickly, increase engagement and attract new business opportunities.

Amplifying vs. Promoting

Promoting your

Facebook posts is a common tactic. It typically involves paying a set fee to promote your posts to your fans and their friends via demographic filters. This is

beneficial for increasing engagement, but it doesn’t factor interests into the equation and only promotes to a limited pool of users.

Amplifying is less

well-known, but it can actually prove to be more beneficial. Instead of being limited to demographics, amplifying your content allows you to reach out to

people based on their interests.

This tactic can be helpful for any brand trying to target a particular audience. If you amplify a special promotion or

deal, you can give a large number of new, relevant users access to it, instead of only your fans.

And when you amplify content, your target audience

doesn’t view it in the sidebar on the right – they view it directly in their newsfeed, which can be especially noticeable on mobile devices.

Make sure

you take your audience into consideration when targeting. Especially keep the following in mind:

  • Don’t limit yourself to a single audience.Filter by interest, location and demographics so you can test multiple targets to see which route is most successful.
  • Review your campaign. Takea look at your objectives to see which types of users will find your content most valuable based on their interests.
  • Be quick. You don’t need towait, especially when amplified content can put an offer or promotion in users’ newsfeed quickly.

Amplifying your Facebook content is one

social media marketing trick that has flown under the radar, but it can help you target specific, irreplaceable audiences.

Using the “Nearby”


Facebook just recently updated their “Nearby” tool to foster more connections between users and businesses. Users can view the tool on

their phones, and the new feature allows them to find nearby businesses based on the collective likes, ratings and check-ins of their Facebook friends.

If someone wants a suggestion on a local business – whether it’s a gas station, restaurant or shopping mall – they can use the “Nearby” tool to see what

their friends recommend.

As users and their friends check in and rate businesses, their recommendations gradually become more personalized and useful.

This Facebook tool can be extremely beneficial for your business, since people are more likely to trust their friends’ opinions over anything you might

put out there. So you want to make sure you get as many people to like your page, check-in at your location and rate your business as possible – then your name

will already be out there when your customers’ friends go to look for suggestions.

Here are a few simple ways to encourage your customers to engage

with your Facebook page:

  • Always update your page and category. It sounds elementary, but it’s easy to forget to change your address andphone number in the midst of moving locations. You also need to keep your business category updated – this ensures that you’re easy for people to find on

    Facebook and that when they search for you, your name appears in the proper results.When things are easily accessible and frequently updated, users will be

    more interested and inclined to give you business.

  • Encourage them in person. By encouraging your customers to check-in, recommend or rate yourcompany on Facebook, there’s a stronger chance that new customers will visit. It’s easy to add reminders to your menus or receipts, enthusiastically asking

    them to check-in on Facebook!

The point is, you should spread the word as much as possible. Comment on your Facebook page, and ask users to

take a second to rate your business. When used correctly, the “Nearby” tool can be extremely advantageous to your business.

Plan Business Events

Through Facebook

Since most business events have the same goal of attracting new customers, Facebook offers a free way to market that event, so

you can attract even more potential customers!

Setting up an event on Facebook and using it to notify people can generate leads and peak interest.

There is a pretty comprehensive list on how to create a beneficial business event on Facebookhere.

But there are a few main ideas to remember:

  • Include as many details as possible. Users who are potentiallyinterested in your event expect to find every detail about it on Facebook. If you don’t have enough details for them, they might become frustrated or


  • Make sure everyone can post. You don’t want to be the only one who can post on the event page – you want users to be able to voicetheir questions and comments about the function!
  • Encourage people who join to suggest it to their own friends. This will help you reach morepeople.

Facebook makes it easy to promote your event to a wide range of users, and it’s a marketing technique that is sure to increase the

number of people who attend.

Since Facebook is always making changes, it’s important to stay knowledgeable and learn how to use their updates to your

advantage. Learning a few Facebook tricks to improve engagement and attract more customers can improve your business in more ways than many people think!

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