Illusive forest wanderer is a deer

One who roams in deep dreams

Why do you pledge to imprison it,

for no reason that streams……

May it hide in my own mind from a distance.

I’m the melody of the flute,in omnipresence.

That touches the heart & soul alike

for no reason that may strike.

Kindled by the heavy monsoon breeze

Trickles down the heavenly euphony

The heart becomes restless

for no reason that is harmony.

From afar shall I be enticing

Shall tie a bond in secrecy

The bond that is unseen

for no reason but pristine


Another version of this translation


I am not a wanderer in an illusive forest who roams here and there
I am not the array of clouds in the twilight
Neither I am the pleasing touch of a beloved
I only fly with the tune of the songs
For reasons known and unknown,
Life is full of songs and only songs……

No one bedeck me with flowers
No one compares me with a dazzling star,
No one calls me in the groove of trees
And holds me in his heart secretly,

I keep on singing near and far
And let my soul flow with the tune…
Life is full of songs and only songs

I want to be the array of clouds in twilight
I want to feel those words in someone’s eyes
The words beyond which there is no language…

My life will be a different song then and
I will let my heart and soul flow with its tune calling me so deep….


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