Step by step instructions on getting rid of pop-up and banner ads on the Paltalk chat program. (To my knowledge this only works if you are using Internet Explorer. It is quite possible if you are a Netscape or Firefox user these steps may not work).

1. Open Internet Explorer.

2. Left click once on the Tools tab at the top.

3. Scroll down then left click once on Internet Options.

4. Left click once on the Security Tab.

5. Left click on the red circle with the white line in the middle (Restricted Sites icon).

6. Then left click once on the Sites button. This will bring up a window that says Restricted

Sites at the top. You will notice a blank field, a long rectangle.

7. In that blank field you will key in the following:

8. Then you will left click once on the Add button.

9. Click OK at the bottom of that window. This will bring you back to the main Internet Options window.

10. Click OK. That’s it!

Now some things of which to be mindful…

First off, if you need to access the Paltalk site to change your profile information or account information, or if you are a TA, and you need to change your room title, or add admins to your list, etc. you will have to do the following

Follow Steps 1 – 6 above. From there you will do the following:

7. Left click once on This will highlight it.

8. Left click once on the Remove button.

9. Left click on OK. This takes you back to main Options window.

10. Click OK.

Now you will have access to by which you can then change whatever information needed. Remember to put back in under restricted sites though before you log on to the actual chat program. Otherwise you get the pop ups and banner ads.

Secondly, if you wish to follow a link that is posted in either a room or private message, you will need to copy the link and paste it into your browser. This is very easily done.

1. Start out by left clicking at the end of the link and then drag your mouse over the link to the beginning. For example

/ you would left click just after the forward slash / and while keeping the left click down, drag your mouse

to the h in http. That will highlight the link.

2. Once you do that you will right click your mouse and left click once on copy. When you open your browser, you will paste the link

you have copied from the room or pm.

3. To paste a link in your browser address bar you would start by left clicking at the end of the url in your address bar…for

instance… / you would start at the / and then drag your mouse with the left click down to the h in http. This

will highlight the url.

4. From there you will right click and see a drop down. Click paste. This will paste the link that you previously copied from a room

or private message.

5. You can click go, or hit your enter key. Voila, you are now at the site.

It may seem like a bit much to go through, but it is well worth it in order to avoid pop-ups and the not so virtuous banner ads that we see so often on paltalk.

I hope this helps in furthering your enjoyment of The Theology Program class sessions on Paltalk!

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