An act of kindness - Amazing story not to be obscured. Bless Rodger the Human and Rodger the Dog. Neglected hypothermic puppy saved by caring man finds new loving home.

An electrician who was working on a housing estate is being credited with saving a puppy’s life when he found the dog up to his belly in water, stranded in a water catchment.

The small Shih Tzu mix was in desperate shape when Darren Rodgers spotted something in the distance while he was working at a new housing estate in Melbourne. It was an extremely cold and rainy day when something caught his eye.

Said Darren, “While I was checking out a job at the estate I noticed a head bobbing up and down in a not too distant dam. I went to check it out and to my amazement it was a dog!”

He went up to the dog and saw he was almost submerged in the dirty water. He immediately pulled the helpless dog out. “I reached over and grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and pulled him out and immediately noticed how poor his physical condition was,” he said. “He was very wet, had tangled hair and was shivering from the cold. He was very scared of human contact but was not aggressive towards me in any way.”

Darren wrapped him in a drop sheet he had in his vehicle and placed him between his legs to warm him up as he drove to the nearest veterinarian with the dog.

The pup, guessed to be 8 months old, was treated for exposure and later taken by local animal control officers to The Lost Dogs’ Home rescue. He had no ID tag or microchip and had obviously been neglected.

Rodger as he was found. Photo: The Lost Dogs' Home
Rodger as he was found. Photo: The Lost Dogs’ Home

Sue Conroy, General Manager of Shelter Operations at The Lost Dogs’ Home, said the puppy was in rough shape at first. “He had a heavily matted, tangled and greasy coat restricting his movement and ultimately causing a great deal of discomfort and possibly pain. He was also suffering from hypothermia due the cold temperature of the water he was found in,” she said.

Sue hailed Darren’s actions as heroic and the small dog was named Rodger in recognition of Darren’s selfless act. “There is no two ways about it – we are forever grateful that Rodger was rescued by a true dog lover who in our eyes is a real hero. Rodger quite simply would not have survived otherwise,” Sue said.

For Darren and his wife Karren, both held out hope that a caring family would open their home to him and “ensure he never suffers again.”

Their hopes were answered a few weeks later when Rodger was taken home with Stephanie Rogers and partner Rhys Afford who read about Rodger and decided adopt him. Rodger is now happy in his new home. Said Karen,

“He’s very affectionate and wants to snuggle all the time.”

Stephanie Rogers and Rhys Afford with Rodger. Photo: Martin Reddy
Stephanie Rogers and Rhys Afford with Rodger. Photo: Martin Reddy

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