Rumi (1207 – 1273): From Ghazal 354
All day long, preoccupied,
But, what is going on inside?
I wonder every night, every night,
Why can’t I read the chart of my heart?

But, where do I come from? What for?
Where am I going? Where is my native soil?

These queries, to confuse and confound,
Of what am I made? What is the compound?
For what am I contrived? Why am I conceived?
With no answer found, I wander dazed, mystified.

Translation: Maryam Dilmaghani, March 2012, Halifax

PS. The entire Ghazal, In Persian:

PPS. The image by M. Rassouli:


In Persian:

روزها فکر من اینست و همه شب سخنم
که چرا غافل از احوال دل خویشتنم

زکجــــا آمده ام، آمدنم بهـــر چــه بود؟
به کجــا می روم؟ آخر ننمائی وطنم

مانده ام سخت عجب، کز چه سبب ساخت مرا
یا چه بوده ست مراد وی ازین ساختنم


Google Translates:

I think I’m saying is, and all night
I asked myself why the neglect of

Zkja come, though what I’ve come here?
Where to go? Last Nnmayy homeland

I’ve been too hard, Kz what caused me to make
Or what is he doing these Sakhtnm

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