Around 45-50 Kilometers from Medina is a Wadi known as Wadi -e-Jinn. In this Wadi your car will Move without anyDriver. If you enter the Wadi and you switch off your Engine the car will start going in Reverse. and when you enter the Wadi and while returning if you makeyour Gears Neutral, Do not apply any Accelarator or even if you Switch of your engine your car will move at a speed of 120 kmph. As if the Jinns are pushingyour Car Outside their Area. We ourselves have seen this phenomenon and were shocked to experiences such a thing is a big hoax by Sauds :p
Panoramic view of Wadi al Jinn, the Magnetic Hill in Madinah
Panoramic view of Wadi al Jinn, the Magnetic Hill in Madinah

Mysterious Spot in Madinah has no Jinn

A trip to Madinah,

Saudi Arabia, the tour guide will inform you that you would be taken to this mysterious spot where water can flow uphill. Even vehicle put on neutral gear can travel uphill and is caused by Jinn.

For one may have never seen these before and it sounds exciting. The basic laws of science and gravity that we know do not support these claims.

Later findings reveal, phenomenon like this is not only unique to Madinah, Saudi Arabia, but in many places all over the

world (see the listing below). It is also known by various names; Magnet Hill, Magnetic Hill, Magnet Mountain, Gravity Hill, Mysterious Spot and Mystery Hill.

Location of Gravity Hill in Madinah

The Magnet or Gravity Hill of Madinah is located at

Wadi al Jinn (also known as Wadi-E-Baida, Wadi-e-Al-Baida or Jabal Baido), North West of Madinah and is about 37 miles (60 km) from the city center with

coordinates 24°43’21″N 39°26’35″E.

The exact location however, is not listed on Google map. The following map shows only the location of Madinah in

relation to Jeddah, the second largest city in

Saudi Arabia and the main gateway to the holy city of Makkah.

Ride to Magnetic Hill of Madinah

The ride to Wadi al Jinn took us about 30

minutes. It was a beautiful ride in early February and the weather was a cool 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius). The initial leg of the journey was

scenes of date palm plantations on both sides of the road. Later the scenery changed to rugged, but beautiful mountains.

Location of Madinah

Passing through what used to

be a big lake, but now dried except for a tiny patch of water. It is a shame to see this happening as otherwise it could have been a perfect spot for picnic.

The guide told us that in the old days, the lake was the water supply source for the city.

This area is also a popular place for recreation for Saudi

families. On weekends, it will be packed with families from the neighboring area and from other towns. They will bring with them, tents, camping gears, and

barbecue sets. On weekdays, it is quiet and empty. A big contrast!

The guide will constantly remind you that you would soon be experiencing the magnetic

forces that will pull our bus uphill. Hence, one might be worried that these magnetic forces might create havoc to electronic gear; smart phones, watch, and

camera. As the guides will reassure that this would not happen. Strange answer.

Magnetic Hill Explained

One will

be completely taken in by the tour guide’s ‘magnetic forces’ explanation even the writer of this article who is an engineer. The numerous science fiction books and films that I have read and watched may have blurred my mind.

Googling for more information and lo and behold, friendly Wikipedia came to the rescue!

It seems that the areas where these ‘magnetic forces’ are strong are actually optical illusions. The topography of the surrounding area gave

an impression that the slight downhill slope seems to be an uphill slope.

The illusion or rather confusion is caused by the surrounding landscape. The mountain, rock outcrop or trees and embankments blended with the horizon and are positioned in a way to trick your mind and eye.

Hence, water that seems to be moving uphill is in reality moving downhill. Likewise, the bus that we were on was moving downhill and was gaining speed as it moved further down the hill! Silly me! I should have known better.

This was proven by several studies including the award winning study by the Japanese scientist. Kokichi

Sugihara, from Meiji Institute for Advanced Study of Mathematical Sciences.

This explained why such ‘strong magnetic forces that can pull buses

uphill’ would not damage my electronic gears. There are no magnetic disturbances at all!

We can also dismiss the marketing catchphrase ‘gravity  forces do not apply in this area’ as the ‘no-gravity’ should also work on anything in that area including us, if we happen to be standing there.

Spots where the illusion is especially powerful often become tourist attractions.  Tour guides may

like to claim that the effect is a mystery or that it is due to magnetic or gravitational anomalies or even that it is a paranormal phenomenon that science

cannot explain.  This is not true of course.  Natural anomalies can only be detected with sensitive equipment and cannot account for these places but science

can easily explain them as optical illusions.

There are several things that enable us to sense which way is up.  The balance mechanism in our inner ears

is one system we have, but visual clues are also important and can be overriding.  If the horizon cannot be seen or is not level, then we may be fooled by

objects that we expect to be vertical but that really are not.  False perspective might also play a role.  If a line of trees get larger or smaller with

distance away, our sense of perspective is thrown off.  Objects far away may seem smaller or larger than they really are.

People often overestimate the

angle of a slope.  If you are standing on a slope of 1 degrees it will seem like a slope of 5 degrees and if you stand on a slope of 5 degrees it may seem like

you are on a slope of 30 degrees.  Because of this effect the anti-gravity illusion can seem stronger than it should be even when you know the cause.

Even when the true cause is understood it can be difficult to believe.  In some cases the sea horizon is partly visible and it seems incredible that the

effect can be an illusion.  If you think there is a magnetic anomaly just use two plumb lines, one made of iron and one of stone.  They would hang at different

angles if a strong magnetic field was acting horizontally.  In fact magnetic anomalies are never that strong and are never the cause as is easily shown.

However, it is not always easy to demonstrate that a slope that appears to go uphill is really going downhill.  Plumb lines and spirit levels cannot be

relied on if you think there is a gravitational anomaly.  If the slope runs parallel to a seaview it would be possible to compare a plumb line with the

horizon.  Otherwise the only reliable way of determining the true horizontal is by careful surveying.  If a good topographical map of the area is available it

may be sufficient to show which way the land is really sloping.  The results will confirm the illusion.  Gravitational anomalies are always very small.  In any

case, if there was a gravitational anomaly you should wonder how you would notice it.  There would be an equal effect on your sense of balance as there is on

any object.  The anomaly would not be apparent unless there was a clear view of the sea behind the slope, which there never is.

Magnetic Hill in Madinah was Closed to Heavy Vechicles

A freak accident where a pedestrian was killed by a moving bus in Madinah’s Magnetic Hill, prompted the authorities to

ban all heavy vehicles including buses to enter the area. This happened when the driver was demonstrating the ‘powerful effect of the magnetic forces’. It

was only recently opened again to tour buses in 2010.

Do remember that it can be dangerous to stop or reverse your vehicle while in these ‘magnetic

roads’. Always have the engine running and do not switch off the engine as it will be easier to control your car when the engine is on.

Other places on earth where MAGNETIC HILL is seen:

A search on the

web turned up a surprising number of examples of this illusion.  Most are natural while others have been constructed in theme parks.  Below is an incomplete

list of the natural ones for those who want to visit.  Many thanks to those who have sent more site details for this list.  Do check locations are correct

before making a long journey and remember that it may be dangerous or illegal to stop or reverse your car on slip roads and bends!

  • MysterySpot Road, off Branciforte Dr.  Santa Cruz, CA, USA. A spot 50m in diameter in the redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains
  • MysterySpot, Putney Road, Benzie County, Michigan, USA.
  • Gravity Hill, Northwest Baltimore County, USA. along a public road that ran throughthe Soldier’s Delight environmental area.
  • Gravity Hill, Mooresville, Southwest Indianapolis, USA. Located off SR 42 on the South sideof Mooresville.
  • Gravity Road, Ewing Road exit ramp off Route 208, Franklin Lakes, USA.
  • Mystery Hill,Blowing Rock, hwy 321, Carolina, USA.
  • Confusion Hill, Idelwild Park, Ligonier, Pennsylvania, USA.
  • Gravity Hill, off ofState Route 96 just south of New Paris, Bedford County, Pennsylvania, USA.
  • Gravity Hill (near White’s Hill) , just South of RennickRoad, on County Truck U, South of Shullsburg, in LaFayette County, Wisconsin, USA
  • Oregon Vortex, near Gold-Hill, Grants Pass, Oregon,USA.
  • Spook Hill, North Wales Drive, North Avenue, Lake Wales, Florida, USA.
  • Spook Hill, Gapland Road justoutside Burkittsville, Gapland (Frederick County), Maryland, USA.
  • Magnetic Hill, Near Neepawa in Manitoba, Canada.
  • Magnetic Hill, just off the Trans Canada highway, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.
  • Gravity Hill, on McKee Rd. just beforeLedgeview Golf Course in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada.
  • Electric Brae, on the A719, Near Croy Bay, South of Ayr, Ayeshire,Scotland.
  • Anti-Gravity Hill, Straws Lane Road, Wood-End, Near hanging rock, Victoria, Australia
  • Morgan LewisHill, St Andrew, Barbados.
  • Hill South of Rome, in Colli Albani, near Frascati, Italy.
  • Malveira da Serra, on N247coast road West of Lisbon, Portugal
  • Mount Penteli, on a road to Mount Penteli, Athens, Greece
  • Mount Halla, on the1.100 highway a few miles south of the airport, near Mount Halla, on the island of Cheju Do, South Korea

Gravity distortion…

This effect is there in Ladakh indo-china border as well…The vehicles rolls on

automatically on an inclined roadway.

This is not the valley of jinns. This story was put out by the Saudi Government to fool the people and hide a miracle of my beloved Rasullulah

SAW. This is the same place where once a delegation of Jews came to Rasullulah SAW and they said to Rasulullah SAW that if you show us a miracle we will accept

Islam. Rasulullah SAW then called a tree in the distance to come to him. So this is the place where that tree walked to Rasulullah SAW. This is a living miracle of the Prophet SAW! is also seem to be rumoring.

Madinah Magnetic Hill Explained

The phenomenon of Madinah Magnetic Hill is also an optical illusion

of what seems to be an uphill slope is actually a gentle downhill slope.

Sarfraz Khan proved this in his blog where he did a detail study of the distance and slope from Madinah to Al-

Khulail Dam. In his study, he proved that the road inclined at a maximum 7% and gradually drops to 0.9% towards Madinah. See the illustration below showing the

gradual change in gradient, taken from Sarfraz Khan’s blog site.

You cannot see the slope as the total distance is about 8.7 miles (14 km) and on both

sides of the road are mountain terrains. There is no horizon to give you a good reference to see the slope.

Madinah Magnetic Hill Explanation by Sarfraz Khan

Listing of Magnetic Hills around the World

As mentioned earlier, magnetic hills phenomenon are in several places all over the world and not just in Madinah, Saudi Arabia.

If you Google ‘magnetic hill’, you will find several websites including those from Wikipedia. Many of these websites are designed and written to a specific hill site.

For full listing of the various magnetic or gravity hill sites around the world, visit Wikipedia Listing for a comprehensive guide.

The listing

shows 29 countries with these gravity hill sites. The USA alone has a grand total of 40 gravity hill sites spread over 23 states.

Canada came second

with six sites and Australia, Ireland, and the UK tied for the third place with four sites each. Next is Italy with three sites and the rest of the other

countries with one site each.

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