A dream I had - so vivid and perhaps has meaning beyond my understanding.

I dreamt that I was in a mega huge swimming pool. It was rather a lake size pool rather tank with crystal clear water
of depth that I could see at least had to be over 100 meters. The Tank or pool was on top of what felt like a roof.
The skies were blue and clear
the day was bright
weather was pleasant and summary
I don’t remember if I took a dip in that pool or not
But I do remember being in it.
Similarly there was another pool beside but much smaller
for some reason water was clear and absolutely so clear that I could see the depth of few 100 meters or so.
This felt more like huge tank.
Suddenly I saw 3 whales pleasant swing about
I was at one corner of the pool.
I got mild scared to see the 3 whales and immediately my fear was gone by the fact that they were such gentle animals.
3 of them came, towards me and I was thinking if I should go swim with them. And I realized within myself the pool
was too small for them and I could be in danger swimming in there with them without them knowing it.
The whales were the father, the mother and little whale the baby.
These were humpback whales
quietly came to me like dogs do and stuck 2 of their noses up towards me.
I have no clue why I saw the great huge empty pool filled with water only.
Then a sudden feeling of swimming in it.
and later I saw the same pool with a baby humpback whale and its 2 parents

My feelings were certain normal though there was fear that I have never seen whales in my life for real.
Oh by the way I was alone with the whales.
Nobody was there and it was a very quiet serene place.

What could my dream mean?

Could a family of whales be in danger somewhere in the world and I am feeling it or could this whole dream carry a
double meaning for – there are many spiritual explanations for this


I dreamt this 21/12/2012


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